Message by the Head of School

Ms. Tereza Camilleri - Head of School

Taking into consideration the emerging issues of change and the realities and needs of both the students and the teachers of the 21stcentury, strategies need to be put in place with the deliberate attempt to positively impact on students’ learning and achievement. The way forward is building the schools’ capacities as learning communities.

It is from within an organisation that change can be brought about most effectively, for none know the organisation better than those within. None can impact it better. ‘Understanding schools is the single most important precondition for improving them’ (Barth). Schools are all different. What applies to one may not be what is needed by another. However ‘developing the capacity to talk together in diverse groups, developing a collaborative network of people who are supportive of one another, and through this tapping peoples’ deep caring for kids’ (Omotani) may be the starting or the continuing point for development.

To educate is to ‘draw out the riches and resources that lie within’ (Alphonso). The process of building the schools’ capacity as learning communities is the process which I am proposing as the way forward, for the well-being of all the members of our school community.

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