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Agius De Soldanis School

The Agius de Soldanis Girls' Junior Lyceum and Secondary School (established in 1924) is Gozo’s only educational institution for girls aged eleven to sixteen. With a teaching staff of over a hundred and a student population of one thousand one hundred and thirty five girls, it is also one of the largest educational institutions in the Maltese Islands.

Like all other state secondary level schools in Malta it offers an educational programme which follows the National Minimum Curriculum for Secondary Schools.

The school (formerly known as St. Mary’s Grammar School) is named after Can Gian Piet Agius de Soldanis (1712 - 1770) a pioneer in Maltese linguistics and philosophy. Born in Victoria, Gozo, Agius de Soldanis is mostly remembered as the author of a history book about Gozo: Gozo Antico e Moderno, Sacro e Profano.

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