16 November 2009

An Outing to the Civic Amenity Site

by: Maria Saliba - 1 Pepprin

The Civic Amenity site

On the 12th October 2009 the Eco-School Committee, organized an outing to the Civic Amenity Site for all form one students. The Civic Amenity site is situated in an area called Tal-Kus at Xewkija Gozo. It is open seven days a week from 7:30am to 17:30pm.

People from all over Gozo can dispose of their bulky waste at the Civic Amenity Site. Dry recyclables like paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic are accepted at the Site. Carpets, tiles, oil, batteries, paint, medicine and other hazardous domestic waste can also be disposed of at this Site.

The Civic Amenity Site is both useful and important because dangerous waste like batteries, which produce certain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, are collected and disposed of in a safe way.

I learned a lot from this outing. For example, I was not aware that office equipment like computers can be dangerous too. This information was very well explained by the helpful staff at the Site and the Wasteserv representative who guided us through this visit. People who enter the Site can drive through to separate their waste in different containers.

This educational and informative visit will help all the students to encourage their families to start using this site.  In fact my family already made use of this Civic Amenity Site and it very convenient for us to go especially on Sundays to do our disposals there. 


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