16 November 2009

Keeping the Environment Clean

by: Marlene Muscat, Rose Marie Grima, Maria Calleja, Sarah Apap – Form 3


All the children gathered together

 Because the madam had an announcement

Come on, come on!”

Don’t be too slow!”  The

 Entire ground is all littered.

 From now on, we have to

 Get to work to keep our country clean…. but

How?” We asked.

 I’ve got an idea!”

 Just a simple plan!”

Keep paying attention please!”


 Monday morning everyone is going to try

 Not to dirty her class the area around you

 On Mornings if you don’t live far away, come to school on foot.

 Pollution isn’t good for us!

Questions are to be asked now!”

 Reduce, reuse, recycle are

 So very important

 Though we don’t seem to do these things

 U’ ve got to do something!

 Vandalism is bad too, so

What do you think?” I

 Xpect better from you!

Y aren’t you helping?!”

 Zis things are always worth doing!!


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