22 March 2010

Eko Skola Minutes 18-3-2010

by: Jasmine Bajada (2 Pepprin) Eco School Secretary

EkoSkola Minutes

  • Today, the EkoSkola Coordinator for Gozo, Ms Marvic Refalo attended the meeting and discussed with us several points. She informed us that after the Easter holidays, the Mayor of Victoria has asked to meet with us so we can suggest ideas and activities and build a stronger link. Another meeting will be held with the Minister for Gozo where we will give her suggestions and ideas for the project ‘Eko-Għawdex’ and also tell her how we wish to make our school better and more environmental friendly. These are already some suggestions: recycle bins for each class, flowers to plant in the garden (then, these flowers will be looked after by the Form 1/2 students) and have part of the Form 1/2 ground where stones and rubbish can be found cleaned up by government employees.  Suggestions by students will be gathered in the next few days before the two meetings.

  • In the Form 1/2 ground, a lot of rubbish is being thrown in the garden, and this must be stopped. We are going to talk to the students in the Form time and ask them to stop doing so and instead throw litter in the bins provided.

  • In our school, there is a solar water heater supplying the HE rooms, but it’s not working. We need to ask somebody to find the problem and fix it.

  • Every Wednesday, a group of students are meeting to paint slogans. These slogans will be put in classes.  Need more students to join this group.

  • The open box with the ‘high voltage’ sign is still open. It has to be closed as soon as possible. 

  • The class 2 Sempreviva have already got a plant to take care of in their classroom. If this new activity works, we’ll try to put plants in several other classes.


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