29 April 2010

Eko Skola Minutes 22-4-2010

by: Jasmine Bajada (Form 2 Pepprin)
  • Today, the meeting took place in the Media Room. Victoria’s Mayor Mr. Samuel Azzopardi, our Headmistress Ms Attard and Ms Marvic Refalo (EkoSkola Coordinator) joined us together with the EkoSkola link teachers to discuss some important issues.

  • Our president Jessica Bugeja opened this meeting with a speech. This included the following issues: i) Victoria’s playing field is currently abandoned. We suggested a healthier environment, the use of lots of colours, and some slogans regarding the environment.

    ii) More bins near the gym where the buses wait for students. This will lead to a cleaner and healthier environment.

    iii) A plant tree day. We ask the mayor for financial support.

    iv) In the F1/F2 ground, just opposite the F5 classes, there is an area where one can find bricks and rubbish. We ask the mayor to send some labourers to help us clean this area.

    v)  We asked the mayor to buy us some flowerirng plants, which we can plant in the F1/F2 ground.

  • Mr. Azzopardi began by telling us about several days and initiatives related to the environment which the Victoria Local Council organizes. We suggested that these days/activities could be announced more, so the people can join in the awareness. One of our students suggested that the council can organize a game (ex. A treasure hunt around Victoria) to create an opportunity for children to learn more about the environment.

  • Next, we discussed the playing field. The mayor agreed with us that something must be done. He told us that the playing field is being vandalized by teenagers, and most probably at night. If possible, cameras will be put and our headmistress suggested locking the playing field at night, so that no vandalism can be done. Plan’s are in motion to refurbish the playing field.  It is going to be re-painted as well. The mayor also mentioned ‘a green warden’, a person who will teach about and tax anyone who is caught vandalizing or throwing litter on the ground.

  • Our president closed this meeting with a conclusion. We appreciate the council’s hard work. If everyone lends a hand, Victoria can be a healthier place to work and to live in. This meeting was very interesting and we hope that the joint work proposed and discussed will take place soon.


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