2 March 2011

Eurobots - E-Twinning Project (2011)

Europe is going even more Robotic. That's why the name EUROBOT – EUROPE goes ROBOTS. Robots are being introduced in different spheres of life, even at schools. Thus this project will allow students from different European countries to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences concerning robotics with people from other European countries. We hope to create collaborative projects leading to a more united Europe.

Project Diary

17 March 2011:

Maltese students participated in three different workshops during the day/ The photos show one of the workshops about robotics where studetns were asked to program robots to create a robot dance. During the day they had two meals at LYCEE PILOTE INNOVANT INTERNATIONAL canteen and in the evening they attended a concert held at the internal school yard.

19 March 2011:

In the morning visit to centre of poitiers. In the afternoon students joined their hosts at school where an open day was being held.


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