20 November 2009

Visit to Dwejra Heritage Park

by: Mr Angelo Vella, Mr Louis Spiteri and Ms Ramona Mercieca (Geography Teachers)

Inside Dwejra Tower

As soon as Form 2 students were informed that a geographical outing to Dwejra Heritage Park was going to take place on the 6th of November, all of them were thrilled and looking forward for this day to come. However, there remained just one pop-up and obviously this regarded whether the weather conditions will permit this much awaited outing. Luckily, that morning we left school in perfect weather conditions.

Upon arrival in Dwejra, a Nature Trust representative, Ms. Annalise Falzon, gave a short briefing on what was going to happen.

She guided us to the newly restored tower and there students were separated into two groups. One group was lead to the tower roof top. Up here there were spectacular views of the various coastal landforms which characterize this part of Gozo. Up here students were given an insight about the geographical setting of Dwejra. The other group of pupils went in the refurnished basement of the tower and watched a 12 minute documentary about the flora and fauna as well as other natural features characterizing Dwejra. Students were amazed by the fact that all electrical equipment within the tower works with solar power. They also showed a great deal of enthusiasm and this was evidenced by the amount of questions asked. Some pupils also took many photographs. It is worth highlighting the fact that students were equipped with a clipboard and writing material in order to jut down relevant notes on the colourful pack which they were given on-site. The climax of the outing will be achieved by students themselves since they have to write a follow-up report regarding this activity.

After having some lunch, students were guided to a short walk from the tower to the Azure Window. During this walk students had to count the different kind of plant species encountered in order to appreciate the biodiversity of this place. The Nature Trust guide also gave a good background about the formation of many fossils which are found in this coastal area. The walk to the Qattara was like the icing on the cake. Down here pupils took several photos of the natural spring as well as the flora which is typical in this part of Dwejra.

This outing helped students to appreciate the fact that even in a small island like Gozo we have unique natural jewels which attract so many tourists throughout the year.  We couldn’t go back to school before taking a group photo. It was such a day to remember!


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