22 January 2010

Open Day at Aguis De Soldanis

by: Ms M Buttigieg (Asst. Head of School)

On Monday 18th January an Open Day was held at Agius De Soldanis Girls Secondary.  This activity was organised by the Guidance teachers and was held primarily to discuss the option subjects available.  All parents and  year 6 students were invited and were addressed by the College Principal Chev Frank Gatt, Head of School Ms Maria Assunta Attard,and School Counsellor Mr Peter Paul Buttigieg. 

Three Form 1 students, Maria Masini, Rebecca Scerri and Andrea Schweiger  from the students' council talked to the students and told them about their positive experience at this school. 

Option teachers discussed their subjects and  told students what would be expected of them if they chose that subject.   A group of around 20 Italian students sang a popular catchy italian song while German students read poems in german.  Spanish students, wearing traditional costumes encouraged the students present to repeat phrases in Spanish and then sang some songs accompanied by a student with a guitar.  The French students accompanied by a student with the violin, chose to promote their language by singing some nursery rhymes and some year 6 students even  went up on stage with them . 

Later students and parents  were led around the school, entered  each option room and talked to teachers and students.  Spanish students and teachers also prepared some delicious tapas, traditional spanish food, and drinks  and all parents and students enjoyed this treat. Before they left each student was given a DVD, prepared by the IT teachers,  about the school, the option subjects available  and the many activities held annually at this school.  Activities such as this are very important to  help  ease the transition between primary and secondary school. 

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