22 January 2010

Comino Trekking

by:Ms M Buttigieg (Asst. Head of School)

All the group in front of the Comino Tower

On the 11th December, a Trekking activity for Form 3 students  at Comino was organized by the PE teachers of Agius De Soldanis Girls Secondary Gozo.

This activity consisted of trekking around the island  and a visit to the old chapel.  This educational outing was also linked to the Geography and History lessons.  Students met at 8.30am at Mgarr where a short prayer was said by the Head od School before boarding the the 3 vessels accompanied by a number of teachers, Assistant Head and PE  E.O Mr Stephen Grima.  The excited students boarded the boats all eager for the day ahead, while members of the Red Cross followed the boats with their own.

For many of the students this was their first trip to Comino, while others had never visited this unspoilt island in Winter.  The History teacher explained the various interesting sites and students were impressed at the historical value of the old chapel and the Tower of Comino.  Students were also encouraged to take part in a photographic competition sponsored by Scerri Photo Studio.

This trekking route will surely become an annual experience for Form 3 students at this school.  Such an activity could only be possible thanks to the hard working, responsible staff at school who could rely on the excellent and mature behaviour of all students present.

A number of other activities have also been organized for Form 3 students during this first term, including HE visits to Malta.  Form 3 students have also been chosen to participate in the Carnival dance and are being taught by Ms Rachel Micallef (PE teacher) during the midday breaks.

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