12 March 2010

Form 4 Georgraphy Option visit Government Farm in Xewkija

by: Ms. Ramona Mercieca

The group of Form 4 Geography Option at the Government Farm in Xewkija

On Tuesday 2nd March 2010 Form 4 Gography Options students visited the Xewkija Government Farm in Gozo. This outing was planned after discussing in detail the topic of farming in class. It helped the students familiarise themslves with the local environment and with the Maltese farming industry. Students attended the center for a half day visit, during which they were given information on the work carried out on the farm by Mr Grech.

The students had an interactive lecture on the local environment and its protection. Subjects covered included  work done on farm, aims of the farm, pests, biological pest control, geology of the Maltese Islands, types of soil, protection of endemic trees and plants and other horticulture subjects. After a short break, students were taken for a tour around the various sections of the farm. They visited the recently introduced aviary section, where they had the opportunity to see various bird species, they saw various farm animals including goats, sheep, rabbits and hens, they also saw crops growing in glasshouses, including eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, and had a look at the reservoir and endemic trees of the Maltese Islands.

The climax of the visit was when students themselves did some manual work, transplanting of seedlings. Before leaving the farm the students were given some seeds which they had to plant at home.  


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