29 April 2010

Our school’s participation in E-twinning

by: Mr Mario Xerri - Computer Teacher

E-Twinning Notice Board

What is E-Twinning? 

E-Twinning is the Community for schools in Europe. Teachers from all participating countries can register and use the eTwinning online tools to find each other, meet virtually, exchange ideas and practice examples, team up in Groups, learn together in Learning Events and engage in online-based projects. 

Our school has been active in etwinning from its kick off way back in 2005.  Over the past five years, we took part in various projects.  Last year one of our projects, ‘Let us Open Our Hearts on Africa’ that was done in collaboration with a Polish school placed first in the competition for the Best National E-twinning Project (Secondary Schools category).   

Description of the present project 

Title:    ‘The Other Side of the Coin’

Participants: Students form 3 Liedna and Students from Collège Jean Vilar (Paris, France) 

We use money all the time.  However we rarely have time to go beyond the actual value of the money and explore what money particularly coins can teach us!  That is mainly the idea behind ‘The other side of the Coin’ project!  Thus the project aims to stimulate participants’ curiosity to discover what the representations on money want to tell us.  Hence we will discover famous personalities, places of interest, coat of arms and much more.  Furthermore the project aims to demonstrate how money evolved over time and also offer the basis for sharing ideas on what money (or lack of it) mean to different people.  All this is being done through collaboration between the Maltese and French participants and within the ICT framework.  

For instance we have already participated in a video-conference and another one will be organised soon (Monday 3rd May), produced a video-clip about how money evolved, prepared various presentations about the representation of many of the European currencies currently being used, posters on the meaning of money and much more. 

Have a look at some of the output produced by participants of this project.  There are some other items but can only be accessed by members of the project.   


Participants will be greatly encouraged by noticing that others have viewed their work. 

This year’s project has been awarded the National e-Twinning Award and hence is eligibable to participate in the Best National E-twinning Award 2010 competition.  

While thanking all present and past participants for their interest shown in such projects, we encourage more teachers and students to participate in similar projects.


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