20 March 2011

Healthy Eating

Healthy Meal sponsored by our school tuck shop

Since the beginning of the scholastic year a competition for the best class was launched by the EkoSkola committee in corridor 6 (Form 1 and 2 classes). Members of the EkoSkola committee visited the said classes weekly during form time in order to see the state of the classes.  The committee took in consideration the general cleanliness of the classes, the proper use of the recycling bins in each class, the switching off of lights when not in class and the presentation of the class itself.  In February a final spot check determined the winners and these were the classes of 1 Orkida and 1 Erika.  On Tuesday 15th March a total of 38 students from 1 Orkida, 1 Erika and student members of the EkoSkola committee who were in charge of this competition were given a healthy meal sponsored by our school Tuck Shop. Mr Michael Mercieca from the Tuck Shop offered the students several choices and the items chosen were distributed to the students during the first break.      


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