25 March 2011

World Water Day Celebrations

The group of students and teachers who participated in the World Water Day Celebration Activity in Victoria

On the 22nd and 24th March, two Walks for Water to celebrate World Water Day were organised by the EkoSkola committee at Gozo College Aguis de Soldanis Girls Secondary School in Victoria   The aim of these walks for water was to raise funds for a project chosen for our school by AKVO organisation from the Netherlands. 

Our project is called AMREF Water and Sanitation Mtwara, Tanzania and the objective of this project is to improve health and quality of life of vulnerable people in the Mtwara Rural District by increasing access to sustainable water sources and sanitation.  Walking for water has been a successful campaign in the Netherlands for many years. 

This is the first year that walking for water has gone international and our school together with schools from South Africa, England and Scotland is participating. 

A total of one hundred students took part in these two walks for water.  During the walks the students carried a two litre bottle of water sponsored by Arkadia Ltd in order to show solidarity with women and children in developing countries who everyday travel long distances in order to reach some water.  The students carried a backpack ‘walk for water’ offered to them by AKVO organisation itself. Banners emphasising the importance of water were also used during the walks.  Students received donations from passers-by, households and businesses in Victoria. 

Kikku (Eco-Gozo mascot) met the students on both walks for water and each student was given a key chain.  During one of the activities the Hon Giovanna Debono and Chev Gatt (Gozo College Principal) met and praised the students for their initiative.

Representatives from Nature Trust Malta were also present during these walks.  Following the two walks the two litre bottles of water were donated to Dar Guzeppa Debono at Ghajnsielem.  The participating students also had the opportunity to meet Marco Cremona (hydrologist) during a thought provoking presentation on water organised by the same committee at the school on the 11th March. 

At the end of the presentation the students had the opportunity to ask questions related to the subject to Mr Cremona.  Throughout these activities the sum of 926 euro were raised.  The EkoSkola committee would like to thank all people/students involved in the organisation of these activities.  

The presentation Marco Cremona did on the 11th March on Water to students



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