30 November 2012

Form 3 Comino Trekking Activity.

Form 3 Group Photo in Comino

The annual Comino Trekking activity as always was a huge success.

Departure took place at around 8:30am from Mgarr terminal to the Blue Lagoon. From there the students trekked the first part of the itinerary towards Saint Mary’s Tower. There they had their first stop to have time to rest and explore inside the tower. From the roof, the students enjoyed a 360* view of the island and the surroundings, while they experienced an almost spooky, claustrophobic sensation in the lowest part. One thing is for certain, they all enjoyed roaming this old tower.

Then it was off to the Gunning Battery which is a good half hour walk away from the tower. After some time exploring this area, the students retraced their steps back past the tower and onwards towards Saint Mary’s Bay. Along the way they admired the gorgeous country-side at its best. Even the narcissus flower has started to sprout on Comino, because there were plenty around. Soon the students reached the old chapel which meant they had arrived at their next stop, for a much needed break. Some of the students even took off their shoes to splash around in the sea to cool off.

The last leg of the trek was towards Saint Nicholas Bay and then straight on to the Blue Lagoon again. The day ended with a treat because the students were taken for a short ride around the caves and Crystal Lagoon by boat before returning to Gozo.

A big thank you goes to Ms Attard our Head of School, Mr Galea (AH) and Ms Buttigieg (AH) for their constant help and support, all the teachers who accompanied the students, all the parents for bringing the students to Mgarr, Mr Magro for the wonderful boat service, and to Ms Clements who came especially to open the St Mary’s Tower.

To conclude I must say that this activity was a huge success mainly due to the Form3 students who participated, their excellent behaviour and interest shown throughout the day. There was certainly a lot of walking involved but it was also a lot of fun.


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