05 April 2013

Walk for Water 2013 - EkoSkola Committee

On the 5th April 2013 a Walk for Water to celebrate World Water Day was organised by the EkoSkola committee at Gozo College Girls Secondary School in Victoria.  This is the third year that our school is participating in this walk.  The aim of this walk for water is to raise funds for a project chosen for our school by AKVO organisation from the Netherlands.  Our project is called WaterProject Stitching Namelok.  The local people in Makueni, Mashuru and Kioani in Kenya are digging their wells and Stitching Namelok will supply these dry areas with materials for the completion of these wells.  Through this project, 2000 people in communities will be reached and 9 water systems will be installed.   

The concept of Walking for Water was initiated in the Netherlands by the NGO Aqua for All and each year the number of children participating is on the increase.  In 2011 Walking for Water has gone international and our school was one of the first schools from around the world who participated.  Approximately 34,000 children from around 600 schools has walked for water this year.  The aim behind this initiative is to create awareness among children aged 10-15 on global water issues and also to help raise funds to help solve them.  Children in developing countries around the world must walk an average of 6 km every day to get clean water.  This hinders them from attending schools on a regular basis.  Children participating in the Walks for Water carry water in their backpacks and walk for 6 kilometres as a way of showing solidarity with these children in developing countries.

Our participating students which were around 40 carried water sponsored by Arkadia Ltd in their backpacks ‘Walk for Water’ which were offered to them by AKVO organisation itself. Students received donations from passers-by, households and businesses in Victoria.  A Representative from Nature Trust Malta was also present during these walks.  Following the Walk for Water  the bottles of water were donated to the Capucchins Friars in Victoria.  Throughout these activities together with a bake sale organised at our school the sum of €1500 was raised. 

Our EkoSkola committee is not only very proud that we have been part of this project but we are also very happy that we have influenced other schools to take part in such projects.  In fact the Comprehensive Institute of San Antonio di Susa in the province of Torino, Italy liked our initiative and together we organised this walk for water and they contributed an equivalent amount for the same project in Kenya. During a visit to our school on the 9th April 2013 by the students and teachers in the Comprehensive Institute, our students exchanged photos and video clips of our Walk for Water while they exchanged theirs.  It was a great moment for both students to talk about their experience in the walk for water which took place for the same aim but in different countries.


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