21 May 2013

Europe my Business

by:Marie Claire Vella (1 Sempreviva)

During the past two months we experienced ‘Europe My Business’.  These were a number of sessions where we learned more about:

  • Europe
  • The European Union
  • Currencies of European Countries
  • How to open a business
  • Resources used by businesses
  • Business decision making and
  • The process of how goods reach consumers.

The session that we had most fun was when we painted our design on a T-shirt to learn about value added and labelling.  We really liked these sessions that this outstanding school has organised.

Europe My Business’ for form 1 students and ‘Enterprise in Action’ for Form 4 students were organised from funds acquired from the Ministry of Finance through the Entrepreneurship through Education Scheme.  The Form 4 program has already been organised for the past 3 years.

Jeannette Camilleri and Vinnie Stellini
Teachers of Business Studies


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