24 Feb 2014

Litter Curse

 Eko Skola Committee

Heading from Nadur square towards the periphery an impressive view awaits. Within minutes you find yourself in one of Gozo’s most beautiful spots, Għar Mixta, the natural cave on the cliff’s edge overlooking Ramla Bay.  Wait , wait, I must have got lost on the way...

The typical Mediterranean colours surrounding the area are so well blended with shades of green and blue. But what is that grotesque mound showing on the landscape? Just too good to be true. What a shame, a heap of rubble, building waste and rusting objects. Not only, a layer of cement strewn by a truck that chose to dispose of this unwanted waste in this oblivious spot.   What can be the reason for this litter lout to choose such a place to get rid of this waste? Perhaps to start a new landfill?  It is only on the other headland that a landfill has been closed a couple of years back.

What is this uncontrollable urge to dump unwanted waste in our countryside? Lack of pride in one’s country is certainly obvious.  Let us lift the litter curse together to protect our countryside  against such irresponsible acts.


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