24 Feb 2014

Open air bathroom for free...

 Nicole Micallef (1 Sempreviva)

Want to have a bath with a view?!! ….. Easy, just follow the main road to Marsalforn from Victoria and there you are. You can even have company.  Two bath tubs, one inside the other, in the valley, on the right hand side of the road. To compliment this two car batteries, perhaps to have some light?

What’s going on? Aren’t people aware of the Civic Amenity Sites or free pickup from our homes? Was it easier and closer to dump here? Why are people not proud enough of the countryside? Why shouldn’t harsh penalties be enforced to stop such dumping? A lot of money, taxes we pay, are being spent to clean up such dumping. Attention:  a countryside full of relics will not be nice to walk through.  Let’s all put in our efforts to educate, report, and give a hand where necessary to stop dumping and littering.



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