15 Dec 2014

A Visit to the French Resource Centre

Estelle Scicluna (9 Blue)

On the 2nd of December we went to the Centre Franco-Maltais/French Resource Centre at the Junior College at Imsida.

Ms Doreen Farrugia (EO French), Ms Helen Sammut (Teacher of French) and a stagiaire (a French language assistant) teachers greeted us warmly. We had to divide into two large groups so we could do the activities planned.

The first group started with a cooking activity, where Ms Helen Sammut prepared for us a French speciality – Crêpes – French pancakes. We also learned that crêpes are a speciality of Bretagne, a region in the North West of France. Crêpes are also prepared during the feast of ‘La Chandeleur’.

This feast commemorates the presentation of baby Jesus, on the 2nd of February. We ate the delicious crêpes with nutella and strawberry jam.

The second group meanwhile watched a French film called ‘Le Petit Nicolas’, which was about a French boy and his school friends. The stagiaire prepared various activities associated with the story.

When both groups did both activities, we all sang a Christmas song in French. It was quite fun and beneficial as we learned and heard new words in French.

The activity was a success thanks to our French teachers Ms Maureen Muscat and Mr Robert Said as well as Ms. Hilda Grech who accompanied us on this trip to Malta. All students enjoyed it very much and we hope that this activity takes place on a yearly basis as we learnt a lot from this experience.

Estelle Scicluna
9 Blue

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