02 July 2015

Entrepreneurial Project - Year 7 Fund Raising

 Year 7 Students

Planning the Project

Together with our mentor, as part of an entrepreneurial project, we decided to participate in a fund-raising activity.  As a group, we sold pens and with the money collected, we were able to buy 195 boxes of crayons for the sick children in hospital. This activity had an educational purpose. At first, we prepared an advert using a Word Processor and promoted our activity by visiting different classrooms to inform them about our plan. After, we visited a printing business to discuss, the colours, motto, logo and price of the pens. This served as an entrepreneurial experience. A label with the school logo was created using a Word Processor and it was later glued on all crayon boxes. We used different skills to complete our activity.  These included teamwork, practicing on the computer and using money.  This was an amazing experience, as we put a smile on the sick children’s faces.

This report was written by Year 7 Students: Anne Marie Debono, Nicholas Saliba, Jeremy Vella and Sammy-Joe Azzopardi

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