04 March 2016

 Home in where the heart lies

A lot of people have a negative opinion of immigrants especially of those with a dark skin colour, but in reality, they are people like us, some law abiding, others not so much, like in every community. One should keep in mind that some of them have encountered a variety of problems. Some people complain that there are too many foreigners around, living in our country without Maltese citizenship, but it is important to keep in mind the reason why they left their beloved country , certainly not for fun. Chances are that there was a war or a form of fighting, or maybe they were starving, and therefore, they sought to find a more secure country like Malta and Gozo.

Some of these immigrants go through a hard period of time, to arrive here. They tend to pay with all the valuables they have to travel to a safer country, sometimes losing whatever else they have on the way. Few are the lucky ones who can travel by plane, just because they happen to have a passport, but that is very rare. The journey tends to take months and parts of it are very dangerous even travelling on a small boat in choppy seas. They take a lot of time to arrive, and they are not certain whether they will arrive safe and sound, due to food and water shortage as well as bad weather. Some of them leave their family in their homeland, while others take the ‘better’ risk and carry them along with them even if they have newborns.

Unfortunately, the tragedy of infants, children and adults during such journeys has too frequently been shown on TV.Therefore, people should not be scared of them and neither should we think of them in a negative perspective or treat them badly, because they are people like everybody else, probably have suffered a lot to arrive here, and overall, they are not fully comfortable here either and would certainly have preferred to stay at home where their heart probably is. After all, who would not leave their country, in search of a better and safer life?

Maria Vella 7 Red



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