26 April 2016

 Summit on Climate Change

EkoSkola Young People Summit on Climate Change Our planet is warming fast. Human activities are causing climate to change, and we are beginning tosee the consequences all over the world. On the 26 th of April 2016, five students from the EkoSkolacommittee attended the Young People Summit on Climate Change at the Mediterranean ConferenceCentre and Fort St. Elmo in Valletta. During the summit we were divided in workshops and discussedand put forward our ideas on how we can stop climate change. Our proposals will be presented tothe head of State in Parliament so that action is taken immediately. It was a really interesting event,we had a lot of fun and learned more about climate change and how it is effecting us in our everyday lives. We can all help to make a difference! 

Paula Buttigieg and Chantelle Stellini Year 7




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