24 November 2016

 European week for Waste Reduction in full swing at the  Gozo College Middle School



This year the European Week for Waste Reduction is being held between the 19 th and 27 th of November. Like in previous years, the Gozo College Middle School, through the EkoSkola committee, is participating with the aim to raise awareness amongst our students and school staff with regards to waste especially packaging waste.

This year the theme chosen by the EWWR is Packaging Waste Reduction, Use less Packaging! Gozo College Middle School chose an action which in fact involves using less packaging where used clean glass jars will be reused for preserves. During this week students in Year 7 and Year 8 are bringing used glass jars.  The glass jars collected will be used in a large scale community link project aimed also not only in reducing packaging but also organic waste. The students will be re-using glass jars as containers for original culinary products. The packing will be designed by the students themselves making use only of old/used materials. Hardly any new material will be used for the whole project in the packaging of the products. Used wooden vegetable/fruit boxes from shops will be reused to hold the jars in.

EkoSkola committee members are busy informing all school staff and students of our actions through talks during morning assemblies. The highlight of our action will be during an open day for parents and families at school. The general public from all over Gozo is going to be motivated and encouraged to re-use glass jars by giving them a new appearance and purpose thus removing them from waste collection.

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