Video-Conference Session

Effective and efficient organizations must seek ways to work smarter rather than harder. In a tiny island like Gozo this advice can not be ignored. A great hurdle offered by Gozo’s insularity is communication. Information and Communications Technology is often the cheapest and most eco friendly solution.

Keeping this in mind, schools aim at providing an ‘information technology toolbox’ which serves useful when students leave their formal education and join the labour force. One of these tools is video-conferencing. These recent years Gozo College Agius de Soldanis Girls School has been using video-conferencing to communicate with foreign schools across Europe.

During this week, under the co-ordination of Mr Mario Xerri, ICT teacher, students communicated in real time with teachers in Paris. These teachers were meeting to share the different ways, they are using ICT across the curriculum, in their respective schools. As our school is participating in an etwinning project with a school from Paris, Ms. Claire Nevot, the French co-ordinator invited Mr. Xerri and his students to share their views on how this technology is enhancing the learning experience.




Present for the web conferencing session were also Ms Maria Assunta Attard, Head of School. A television crew covered the event to feature it on a Rubini, a new TV series highlighting educational activities in Gozo.


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