Healthy Eating

Gozo College Agius de Soldanis Girls Jl/Sec School has launched a project in line with the proposals of the document HELP. This document issued by the Education Division sets out to provide a plan for a healthy eating lifestyle.

The project consists in providing healthy food in the school tuck shop. Healthy food such as yogurt, nuts and cereals are stocked and sold according to the various likes of the students. Fresh fruit, tuna, prawn, cheese and ham salads, supplied daily from an outside caterer, are now available. These are complemented with hygienically pre-packed sandwiches and baguettes.

All this is managed through a new system whereby students use Smart Cards thus avoiding the handling of cash.

A group of ten teachers, coordinated by Mr Michael Mercieca, is making this initiative possible. To ensure high standards the group has followed a food handling course.




Students’ parents are pleased by the fact that through this project the school is catering for the holistic education of their children. Though in its initial stages, the project is proving to be successful and the positive feedback already received is encouraging and assures the school that they are working on the right tracks.


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