Comenius School Partnership

The “Let’s Learn Through the Cultural Heritage and its Diversity” is a two-year Comenius project which is being coordinated by our school.  This project is being carried out by a Multilateral School Partnership made up of eight schools coming from seven European countries.

Through this project, each partner school will be initiating a series of activities associated with the cultural heritage of their country. Through these activities, students will gain an understanding of the different ways in which we live and how our national cultures have both similarities and differences.  The students will benefit by using tools like computers, cameras, and music to investigate their own as well as other European costumes, local traditions, folk arts, local music and foods.  With the collection of relevant material and information they will be able to produce multicultural guides, DVDs, brochures and photo albums. 




Being the coordinating school, the first project meeting was held at our school in mid November when a group of twelve teachers and four head teachers from the participating schools in Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Turkey together with ten teachers from the coordinating school, discussed the topics and activities each school would carry out in order to achieve these goals.  During their four-day stay in Gozo, the foreign teachers were given a taste of Gozo life which they promised to share with their own students upon their return home.

For further details visit: "Let's Learn Through the Cultural Heritage and its Diversity


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