Great New Books at Agius de Soldanis Lending Library

The school library is proud to announce that we have just received a stock of new books for the lending section.  There are over 70 new books by our students’ favourite authors including Meg Cabot, Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman, Michael Morpurgo, Anne Fine, Garth Nix, Anthony Horowitz and Jean Ure.  There are teenage romances, mysteries, horror stories, comedies and real-life stories – something for everyone from Form 1 to Form 5! 

We have continued some of the students’ favourite series, such as “The Princess Diaries” by Meg Cabot and we now also have her latest series of 6 books, “The Mediator”.  Also new, is Nix Garth’s magical adventure series “The Keys to the Kingdom” consisting of 6 books.  So parents, encourage your children to visit our school library, where they can find titles such as “Teen Idol”, “Lady Friday”, “Deadly Dare Mysteries” and “Karate Princess”.





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